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Entertainment Weekly

'Wonder Woman' is the smart, satisfying DC movie you've been waiting for.

Read review Chris Nashawaty
The Wrap

In the recent flood of superhero movies, several have managed to be quite good ? but ?Wonder Woman? ranks as one of the few great ones.

Read review Alonso Duralde
The Verge

'Wonder Woman' is a tremendous win for a franchise that desperately needed one.

Read review Tasha Robinson

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot breathe some fresh air into the DC film universe.

Read review Andrew Barker
Time Out

This really is Wonder Woman coming to the rescue of the DC Comics universe.

Read review CATH CLARKE

As Diana, Gadot is excellent, a rocking electric cello riff in human form.

Read review Chris Hewitt
The Washington Post

?Wonder Woman? saves the day, in more ways than one

Read review Ann Hornaday
The Hollywood Reporter

As the world's most well-adjusted superhero, Wonder Woman breaks the genre mold.

Read review Sheri Linden

The climax of Wonder Woman did send me out happy.

Read review David Edelstein
The Guardian

"Those hoping a shot of oestrogen would generate a new kind of comic-book movie ? and revive DC?s faltering movie universe ? might need to lower their expectations."

Read review Steve Rose

The Gal Gadot-starring Patty Jenkins feature blends humor, heart, and one hell of a heroine to give the DCEU its best outing yet.

Read review Kate Erbland
Los Angeles Times

?Wonder Woman? emerges as not only the strongest movie in the present DC cycle, but also the first one that feels like an enveloping.

Read review Justin Chang
USA Today

'Wonder Woman' is the fresh, hopeful superhero movie we need.

Read review Kelly Lawler
The Telegraph

If the action in Wonder Woman comes less frequently than you might expect, it?s also thrillingly designed and staged, with a surging sense of real people, from all sorts of backgrounds, swept up in the wider conflict?s churns and jolts.

Read review Robbie Collin
New York Times

Unlike most of her male counterparts, its heroine is not trying to exorcise inner demons or work out messiah issues. She wants to function freely in the world, to help out when needed and to be respected for her abilities.

Read review A. O. Scott
Chicago Sun-Times

Gal Gadot is easily the most inspirational and the most heroic and the most ?real? Wonder Woman in movie (and television) history.

Read review Richard Roeper
Screen Crush

Sometimes feels less like a superhero story than a modern fable about a strong but sheltered young woman who discovers the joys and perils of the wider world.

Read review Matt Singer
Rolling Stone

'Wonder Woman' gives the DC Universe's warrior princess the heroic treatment courtesy of Gal Gadot even if the film isn't super.

Read review Peter Travers
The Playlist

The super hero picture is often at war with itself. There?s three movies within. One them is really enjoyable and features a near-flawless light touch, another is a clumsy mixed bag with some highlights, and the last piece of the puzzle is largely terrible.

Read review Rodrigo Perez