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It's a poignant buddy movie that?s sincere in all the right places but knows better than to take itself too seriously

Read review Peter Debruge
New York Times

Somewhere amid the film's ornate imagery and deliriously irreverent humor, we might begin to realize that we're watching a terrifying, incisive satire about the ways that a life lived online makes monsters of us all.

Read review Bilge Ebiri
Rolling Stone

It?s here that directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore, armed with a screenplay cowritten by Johnston and Pamela Ribon, find a common ground between family-friendly entertainment and sharp social satire.

Read review David Fear
USA Today

And while the new 'Ralph' falls short of the original's brilliance, any adventure with the big oaf and his glitchy BFF is #winning.

Read review Brian Truiit

Entertaining, and occasionally inspired, but 'Ralph Breaks The Internet' is too often content to achieve a quick laugh, rather than exploring the themes its set-up suggests.

Read review Jonathan Pile
The Verge

Where the original film poked fun at games, this time, the subject of critique is the company's own legacy. And it's a smarter, more entertaining film for it.

Read review Byran Bishop
Entertainment Weekly

Ambitious, beautifully animated, and clever to a fault, 'Ralph Breaks' the Internet breaks free of the pitfalls of most sequels by never forgoing heart for the sake of bigger franchise pyrotechnics.

Read review Dana Schwartz
Time Out

This riotous, arcade-game-inspired sequel powers up with fresh ideas and some brilliantly-executed pastiching.

Read review Phil de Semlyen
Screen Crush

'Ralph 2' does offer the action, racing, and goofy pop cultures jokes expected of this kind of Disney animated feature. It's just that along the way it also has a very heartfelt theme about the complexities of longterm friendship, and a timely message about what happens when seemingly strong men begin to feel weak and threatened.

Read review Matt Singer
The Wrap

There are, to be sure, some worthwhile upgrades this time around, including one sequence that's an instant classic but it's hard not to feel like you've already played this game once before.

Read review Alonso Duralde