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'American Horror Story': Billie Lourd returns for season 8

Daveena Kataria Tuesday 22 May 2018

Of late Billie Lourd has become a favourite of Ryan Murphy's. Back in 2015, daughter to Carrie Fisher, Lourd debuted in 'Scream Queens' and a few years later took up a role in the 7th season of 'American Horror Story'. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Lourd has decided to return to the latter show for its 8th season.


According to Deadline, the actress behind Winter in 'Cult', is to join Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Joan Collins and Kathy Bates in the next season of the successful horror TV series.

Murphy has already confirmed that filming for the next instalment to his show is set to begin in June and that the storyline is set 18 months after the events of the previous season. The creator and showrunner also revealed that the 8th season is due to bring back some of the flair we saw from 'Asylum' and 'Coven'.

Season 8

For a few months now, rumours have been circulating that the 8th season could be called, 'American Horror Story: Radioactive'. Many also believe the storyline may revolve around a group of survivors following a nuclear explosion in Arizona. In other AHS news, 'Dynasty' star Joan Collins is set to join the cast as grandmother to Evan Peter's character.

If everything goes to plan, AHS should be ready in time for Autumn of this year!

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