'Han Solo': Revealing the first image of the shoot in the island of Fuerteventura

Josh Jones Wednesday 07 June 2017

The spin-off of the 'Star Wars' saga, 'Han Solo: A Star Wars Story' is in full swing. The movie that will reach our cinemas in May 2018 will tell the story of Han Solo before the saga we all know and want. Playing the young Solo is Alden Ehrenreich, who will be joined by actors such as Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and many more. Like all Lucasfilm productions, everything about the movie is top secret.

The film is now in its filming on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura and shows an image of the set. In the image we can see a landscape of desert in which there is a small village built with metallic materials and that is half demolished. The Canary half Canarias7 claims that this is the hometown of Han Solo on the planet of Corellia, but we are not so sure.

It is known that the planet of Han Solo has a more temperate climate and perhaps this planet is too much like Tatooine, the planet of origin of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The small constructions are not as different as we have seen in other films and we also know that Han Solo was a smuggler who made deals with Jabba the Hutt. We will probably go back to Tantooine in this movie and this may be his filming location. Also it may be confusing for the viewer to have two planets that are practically the same and we assume that Corellia will have a different landscape.

According to the Canarian medium, they affirm the presence of secondary actors like Donald Glover, Warwick Davies, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke, since supposedly they have been seen them in the airport of Fuerteventura. In addition they say that the hotels where they are probably staying are strictly forbidden to reveal any type of information about the actors or the equipment.

'Han Solo'

The Secrecy of Lucasfilm

The fanbase for 'Star Wars' is probably the biggest and most intense in the film industry. With such a magnitude of spectators and such love for the saga, the producer takes great care of what they reveal to the public and have special measures to make everything "family" until the right time.

A week ago, some footage of the filming of 'Han Solo' was filmed online on the Southampton set (England). In it we can see a kind of pod race and a big flame of fire. This is really surprising because although it has not revealed anything of weight this does not usually happen in this type of productions. In fact in the filming of 'Murder on the Orient Express', Josh Gad has uploaded many videos to his Facebook page tormenting Daisy Ridley to try to get some spoilers from 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'. From what we can see in the videos, Ridley has not succumbed to the incessant questions of his cast partner.

In addition, 'Rogue One''s screenwriter, Gary Whitta, revealed: "Working with Lucasfilm is like working with the CIA." He counted how they sent him an encrypted document and upon receiving it they would call him to his personal telephone to give him a code of 16 characters to be able to unlock the content of the file. The phone call did not arrive all day and in the five minutes that left the house they called but could not answer the phone. When he checked his voicemail box he had a communique informing him that they would try to call him the following Monday.

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