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Someone used a free app to remove Henry Cavill's moustache better than in 'Justice League'

Daveena Kataria Thursday 08 February 2018

Of all the many bad things that can be said about 'Justice League', the most memorable will no doubt be Henry Cavill's moustache. Ever since its premiere, the film, directed by Zack Snyder, has been victim to a whole avalanche of memes trolling its poor editing. In fact, the edit was so bad that it's likely to go down as one of cinema's worst uses of visual effects in history.

 Henry Cavill as Superman

Paramount recently released new images from it's upcoming film 'Mission Impossible - Fallout', a production for which Cavill was required to keep a moustache. The actor's new look hasn't sat very well with DC fans however, for some have even used the images to create new memes.

One particular fan demonstrated the easy procedure of removing Cavill's moustache by using a free editing program and a cheap computer. Online, some have argued that the outcome of the fan's editing is even better than that of 'Justice League'. Quite ironic statements given the fan only used a $500 computer.

Water under the bridge

For now, what's done is done and we can look forward to seeing Henry Cavill in his upcoming role in 'Mission Impossible - Fallout'. The film will see the return of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt and is set for UK release on 27th July. A few days ago, a teaser for the production was released during the Super Bowl.

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