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Wait until you see who was waiting for those who went to see 'It' in the cinema

Daveena Kataria Monday 11 September 2017

Just a few days after its release and 'It' has already caused quite a stir. The adaptation of Stephen King's novel has received mixed reviews amongst viewers with horror film fanatics at one end and irritated clowns on the other.

Professional clowns all over the world are unhappy about the film's release stating it colours the friendly attitude they are commonly known for. One group of clowns even went as far as to peacefully gather outside of cinemas in Canada to show just how harmless they can be.

The success of 'It' comes as no surprise; it was only a few seasons ago that 'American Horror Story' introduced its own equally as scary clown, Twisty. If this trend continues, we're likely to see more creepy clowns on our screens - bad news for those who suffer with coulrophobia (deep fear of clowns).



In other 'It' news, one particular film buff was shocked to find a fellow viewer in the cinema dressed in their own scary clown get up.

Since the encounter Chris, the fan who initially tweeted about the surprise awaiting him in the cinema, has achieved twitter fame receiving over 100,000 retweets.

Good or bad reviews aside, 'It', directed by Andy Muschietti, proves it's worth a watch with if ticket sales are anything to go by.

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