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Norman Reedus ('The Walking Dead') on the change in Daryl in Season 10

Jessica Waugh Monday 30 September 2019

The tenth season of 'The Walking Dead' brings with it some important changes. With many of the main characters subjected to death or disappearances, Daryl is one of the few main characters to have appeared since the series began in 2010, making him a constant in the plot. Now, Norman Reedus, the actor behind Daryl Dixon, has indicated that in Season 10, which will premiere on AMC on the 6th October, we'll see a completely different Daryl.

Will Daryl and Carol have a romance in Season 10 of 'The Walking Dead'?

"Daryl is such a different character this year. It's nice when he moves," Reedus told The Hollywood Reporter during the promotional period for the tenth season, hinting at the Daryl we will see in the upcoming episodes. "The ghosts of the people who were here before him are weighing on his shoulders. He's a different dude now." He continued on an episode of the Talking Dead, "But now he's kind of found himself. He lived outside the group, now he's back in the group, he's finding himself having to step up and sort of take leadership roles".

One of the changes that Daryl could face this season is the prospect of a romance with Carol (Melissa McBride). Although this relationship has not been confirmed, Angela Kang, a showrunner for the series, promised Entertainment Weekly weeks ago that there was going to be a lot more of Daryl and Carol in Season 10: "They have just this special bond. They both came from trauma and from nothing. There's some really deep stuff between them...We're going to see a lot of Daryl and Carol in Season 10. Both together in stories as well as pursuing their own paths".

Looking for the lost audience

The large number of the show's principal cast to leave the series was one of the main reasons for its diminishing influence in the past few years, with the ninth season being the least watched of the entire series. The next season of 'The Walking Dead' will air in the UK on Fox on the 7th October, a day after the US premiere, and will be the first season to premiere after the definitive end of the comic series.

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