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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': What does this shocking scene mean?

Daveena Kataria Wednesday 11 October 2017

Spoilers Ahead!

The new 'The Last Jedi' trailer dropped this week, and we skipped with joy upon its release. The trailer was full of spoilers, something that caught us completely by surprise: not only were we able to see Kylo Ren ready to kill his mother, the General Leia Organa, but we also saw Finn surrounded by Stormtroopers, and Leader Snoke, who is more than ready to declare war. There's just so much to take in!

Despite all of that however, it's the closing scene of the trailer that has left us on the edges of our seats.

In the scene, we hear Rey ask someone (Kylo Ren?) for their help: "I need someone, to show me my place in all this", she says. Kylo (in response?), is shown with his palm outstretched, and it almost looks as though the two are about to form an alliance!

The whole trailer has succeeded in creating a huge plot twist given that at the beginning, we see Luke Skywalker turn his back on Rey when the up and coming Jedi turns to him for help. "I've seen this rare strength only once before. It didn't scare me enough then; it does now", are Skywalker's parting words. Rey's uncertain face is the last thing we see before we're given a peak at the events from the rest of the film, ending with, of course, that scene. It's pretty clear that 'Episode VIII' has a darker tone to it than 'The Force Awakens'.

Before we get ourselves worked up, let us take a moment to remember that the scene between Kylo and Rey could very well have been created for the trailer. Perhaps Rey isn't talking to Kylo at all, and her words are really meant for Luke. That doesn't totally rule out the possibility of Rey joining forces with Kylo after being rejected by Luke, however. Needless to say we're left with a lot of burning questions regarding that particular scene alone!

 Images from the scene

Will Rey join the Dark Side?

We're probably not the only 'Star Wars' fans asking this question right now given what we've seen in the trailer. The possibility of Rey switching sides however, is clearer now than ever: she's in need of help, and Kylo is more than happy to provide her with it. It's not hard to imagine they end up coming to an agreement. Admittedly, those of us who seek the same excitement the previous trilogies offered, could not happier with such an outcome.

It's most likely that the trailer is showing us scenes from the first half of the film - the same half in which they build up the conflict. It doesn't necessarily mean the film will end in the chaos depicted by the trailer. What do you think? Will we get to see Rey play with the dark side?

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