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Ex-Netflix Employee Arrested for False Shooter Threat in LA Offices

Jadzia Samuel Friday 15 February 2019

On February 14th the Netflix studios in Los Angeles had a period of panic when the police forced the buildings into lockdown after being warned of an active shooter threat. Shortly afterwards, when it became clear that no shooter was actually present on site, the lockdown was lifted and life returned to normal.


According to reports from The Verge, it was around 4pm on this "day of love" when the police received a tip off that someone with active firearms was somewhere inside the studios. Their first course of action was to shut the building down completely in order to find the suspect. It soon unfurled that was no individual on site and neither was a firearm present.

An Ex-Employee Arrested

Netflix is not the only company occupying these studios (KTLA and CBS also can be found there) so it is unclear whether Netflix is connected to the incident, however, it has been confirmed that the arrested suspect is an ex-employee of the company. Apparently the suspect phoned a worker to tell them that he had a gun. The Community Manager of Netflix, Jenna Marotta, posted a description of the scene on Twitter:

The police arrested the suspect at home, nowhere near the Netflix headquarters, as people had been lead to believe. They had not been near the zone that day, therefore there was (thankfully) no real threat.

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