Film Stars

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Today's birthdays:

Sydney Craven Sydney Craven 30 years old
Fredy Yate Fredy Yate 31 years old
Regina Blandón Regina Blandón 34 years old
Michael Welch Michael Welch 37 years old
Shantel Van Santen Shantel Van Santen 39 years old
James Lafferty James Lafferty 39 years old
Domenico Diele Domenico Diele 39 years old
Zawe Ashton Zawe Ashton 39 years old
Melania Cruz Melania Cruz 40 years old
Ali Asgari Ali Asgari 41 years old
Claudio Lafarga Claudio Lafarga 45 years old
Bryan Cogman Bryan Cogman 45 years old
David Pastor David Pastor 45 years old
Eduardo H. Garza Eduardo H. Garza 45 years old
Grégoire Colin Grégoire Colin 49 years old
Ayumi Tanida Ayumi Tanida 48 years old
David Denman David Denman 51 years old
Miriam Shor Miriam Shor 52 years old
Chloe Annett Chloe Annett 53 years old
Eric Judor Eric Judor 54 years old
D.B. Woodside D.B. Woodside 55 years old
Allan Loeb Allan Loeb 55 years old
Lisa Addario Lisa Addario 55 years old
Matt LeBlanc Matt LeBlanc 57 years old
Wataru Takagi Wataru Takagi 57 years old
Illeana Douglas Illeana Douglas 59 years old
Barbara Harris Barbara Harris 88 years old
Jaafar Jackson Jaafar Jackson years old

Passed away on this day:

Grant Williams Grant Williams Died at 53 years old
Vincente Minnelli Vincente Minnelli Died at 83 years old
John Schlesinger John Schlesinger Died at 77 years old
Leszek Mech Leszek Mech Died at 70 years old
Bernadette Lafont Bernadette Lafont Died at 74 years old
John Saxon John Saxon Died at 84 years old
Paul Sorvino Paul Sorvino Died at 83 years old

Would have celebrated their birthday:

Walter Brennan Walter Brennan Would have turned 130 today
Laly Soldevila Laly Soldevila Would have turned 90 today
Jerry Paris Jerry Paris Would have turned 98 today
Woody Strode Woody Strode Would have turned 109 today
Brad Renfro Brad Renfro Would have turned 41 today
Estelle Getty Estelle Getty Would have turned 101 today
Raúl Ruiz Raúl Ruiz Would have turned 82 today
August Schellenberg August Schellenberg Would have turned 88 today
George Dickerson George Dickerson Would have turned 90 today
Ventura Pons Ventura Pons Would have turned 79 today
Box Office
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  • USA
1 Poster Despicable Me 4Despicable Me 41 week£8.856.183
2 Inside Out 2£2.225.170
3 Longlegs£1.371.352
6 Indian 2£213.245
8 The Bikeriders£130.871
9 MaXXXine£113.190
1 Poster Despicable Me 4Despicable Me 42 weeks$43.598.695
2 Longlegs$22.400.119
3 Inside Out 2$19.962.160
5 Fly Me to the Moon$9.402.176
8 MaXXXine$2.071.372
10 Indian 2$1.200.000