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'The Pilgrim's Progress' trailer

Based on famous masterpiece by John Bunyan, 'The Pilgrim's Progress' is one of the most popular books of all time after the Bible.

'The Pilgrim's Progress' trailer

Based on masterpiece by John Bunyan, 'The Pilgrim's Progress' is one of the most popular book of all time after the Bilble.

'Leonardo: The Works' Trailer

A documentary exploring the life of renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci through his art.

'Chained for Life' Trailer

A Hollywood starlet starts to fall for her costar, who has neurofibromatosis, in this reflexion on the treatment of minorities in Hollywood.

'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' Interview with Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning discusses her role in 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' and 21st century princesses.

'Toy Story 4' Featurette: Getting To Know Forky

Video that brings us closer to the creation and conception of the beloved character of 'Toy Story 4'.

'Dolittle' trailer

Doctor Dolittle is back on theaters this time performed by Robert Downey Jr., who thanks to his wonderful skill to speak with animals has to deal with brand new adventures.

'Le Mans '66' Special Look

A first look at 'Le Mans' 66', the film that will tell the story of a team of engineers and their pilot who had the task of ending the Ferrari dominance in Le Mans.

'Don't let go' trailer

A man receives one day a call from her niece, who was apparently murdered.

'The Gentlemen' trailer

A business man who has succeeded in drug trafficking decides to sell his empire to a list of Oklahoma billionaires.

'Jojo Rabbit' clip: "Frau Betzler"

Writer director Taika Waititi brings his signature style of humor to his latest film 'Jojo Rabbit'.

'The Platform' subtitled trailer

Thriller set in a future where people live in blocks organized in different levels and where they have to use their wit to survive.

'Klaus' #2 trailer

Klaus is a smiling mailman who becomes Santa Claus when he goes to deliver a letter to a frozen city in the North.

'Tell Me Who I Am' trailer

Documentary about the life of two twin brothers. Alex helps Marcus to recover his memory after a terrible car accident.

'Jungle Cruise' Trailer

Frank, a ship captain, takes scientist Lily Houghton and her brother through the jungle in search of a tree with healing powers.

'The Day Shall Come' spot: Revolution

The US government will try to arrest a small-time preacher as if he was a terrorist.

'The Day Shall Come' spot: Dinosaurs

Brief preview for television from this socio-politic satire with some of the most funny jokes.

'Charlie's Angels' #2 trailer

The best cinema spy team comes back with this remake created by Elizabeth Banks, who promise to offer us a new generation with a less angelical vision of the characters.

'Rise of the Footsoldier 4: Marbella' Trailer

Pat Tate seeks revenge on the man who put him in jail in the fourth instalment of this British crime series.

'Terminator: Dark Fate' featurette: Grace

The cast and crew from this 'Terminator 2' sequel introduce the Mackenzie Davis' character.

'Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - S&M2' trailer

Trailer of the documentary about the 20th anniversary concert of S&M, the album of Metallica performed by the San Francisco Symphony.

'Terminator: Dark Fate' featurette: Sarah Connor

The cast and crew from this 'Terminator 2' sequel introduce the Linda Hamilton's character.

'Meeting Gorbachev' Trailer

A biography of the life of Mikhail Gorbachev, the final president of the USSR.

'Terminator: Dark Fate' featurette: T-800

The cast and crew from this 'Terminator 2' sequel introduce the Arnold Schwarzenegger's character.

'Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - S&M2' spot

Spot of the documentary of the concert for the 20th anniversary of S&M, the live album performed by Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony.