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'Mortal Engines' - (Teaser)

New teaser trailer of 'Mortal Engines': Cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish their resources.

Trailer 'Loving Vincent'

Trailer of the animated movie 'Loving Vincent', directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman.

Teaser trailer 'Ocean's 8'

Advance of the trailer of' Ocean's 8' film starring Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett among others.

'La Novia del Desierto' Clip #2 english subtitles

'El Gringo' and Teresa make a stop in the desert to enjoy the views

'The Desert Bride' movie clip english subtitles

'El Gringo' and Teresa start a conversation to meet each other while he is driving

Tráiler 'La Novia del Desierto'

What Teresa thinks is the end, actually is the beginning of something new

Will Kylo Ren leave the dark side? Who cares, there are porgs

We asked the cast of 'The Last Jedi' for the chances of Kylo Ren becoming good but they were hypnotized with the porgs, as is logical.

Spot '10000 bullets' 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

A man against an army. 10,000 bullets. Tiger's up against a terrorist army.

Spot 'Duo' 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

The deadliest duo. Tiger and Zoya, an Indian agent and a Pakistani woman face the terrorists together.

Spot 'Wolves' 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

Wolves hunt in packs, but Tiger hunts alone. Tiger must survive a wolf attack.

Spot 'Dance' 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

Zoya and Tiger dance together in a romantic scene inside the embassy dance hall.

Spot 2 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

Tiger has returned to confront the terrorists with Zoya, a Pakistani agent, whom he falls in love with.

Spot 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

An Indian agent. A Pakistani agent. Together against the enemy.

'Love, Simon' official trailer

Everyone deserves a great love story. But for Simon it's complicated: no-one knows he's gay and he doesn't know who the anonymous classmate is that he's fallen for online.

Clip 'All the Money in the World': 'Set My Boy Free'

Gail deals with a journalist's crowd and do statement with the intention to be listened by their son's kidnappers.

Promo clip 'The Shape of Water'

'The Shape of Water' is a Guillermo del Toro's film. Elisa discovers a experiment who is an Amphibian Man during the Cold War.

'Chaplin' trailer

Robert Downey Jr becomes the comic genius Charlie Chaplin in a compelling biopic that earned him an Oscar nomination.

French trailer english subtitles 'Let the Sun Shine In'

Isabelle, an artist divorced with a son, seeks true love, but only finds disappointments.

Trailer 'Slumber'

Tráiler of 'Slumber', terror film directed by Jonathan Hopkins starring Maggie Q, Sylvester McCoy, Will Kemp and Sam Troughton.

'Chinatown' Trailer

Jake Gittes is a private detective from South Chicago. He is hired by two women to investigate the murder of their husbands, who eventually turn out to be the same person

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', misses Han Solo?

The new additions are taking stealing the spotlight step by step but, will they make us not miss one of the most beloved characters?

Holly Willoughby drops huge Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoiler

British journalist Holly Willoughby leaves actor John Boyega speechless after unveiling a great spoiler of the last Jedi

'Ever After: A Cinderella Story' Original Trailer

Original trailer of 'Ever After: A Cinderella Story', starring Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott and Jeanne Moreau.

'Cinderella' Original Theatrical Trailer

Original theatrical trailer of 'Cinderella', 12th Disney animated feature film. Released in 1950 and directed by Clyder Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson.

'O Beijo do Escorpião' Portuguese Promo

Original Portuguese promo of 'The Kiss of the Scorpion', soap opera produced by Plural Entertaiment and broadcast by Portuguese channel TVI.