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Podcast La historia de HBO, el canal que lo cambió todo

'Mona's Room' Trailer

Spanish original trailer of 'Mona's Room', comedy directed, written, edited and produced by Darío Autrán. Starring Sabela Hermida.

'Black Box' French Trailer

French original theatrical trailer of 'Black Box', directed and co-wrriten by Yann Gozlan. Starring Pierre Niney, Lou de Laâge, André Dussollier and Olivier Rabourdin.

'Black Box' English Trailer

Trailer of 'Black Box' with English subtitles. Directed and co-written by Yann Gozlan. Starring Pierre Niney, Lou de Laâge, André Dussollier and Olivier Rabourdin.

Interview 'La familia perfecta': Arantxa Echevarría

Interview with 'La familia perfecta' director Arantxa Echevarría ('Carmen y Lola')

Interview 'La familia perfecta'

Interview with 'La familia perfecta' stars Belén Rueda, José Coronado and Carolina Yuste.

'Three Floors' trailer

Three families live in a building with three floors. We'll see those neighbors facing different conflicts inside their families.

'The Odd-Job Men' clip

Mohamed Mellali and Valero Escobar are trying to call their neighbors so they can enter in their flat, because they are locked in the terrace.

'The Odd-Job Men' featurette

The director Neus Ballús talks about her new movie, and explains that she likes to work with people that never had taught about doing a movie, to be spontaneous.

'Mironins' Trailer

Joan Miro's art turns into a children adventure thanks to these three little drops of paint.

'The First Woman' trailer

Eva is released from a psychiatric centre after six years of treatment. Now she wants to get back on track and lead a normal life. Although it is not so clear what normal is.

'Ego' trailer

María Pedraza will be Paloma, a teenager who tries to discover who is using her photo in a social media profile.

Interview Tom Hopper & Avan Jogia ('Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City')

'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' stars Tom Hopper and Avan Jogia on their love for the videogame and what makes the new film different from the previous ones.

Robbie Amell: "'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' feels like a '90s horror movie"

'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' star Robbie Amell on his love for the games and the film being set in the '90s.

'BlindFold' Trailer

A story about the relationship between professional blind skier Jon Santacana and the man who guides him, Miguel Galindo.

'Black Box' clip

Investigator Mathieu Vasseur (Pierre Niney) tries to recreate in his head what happened on the plane before the crash he is investigating.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Spot

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) face a confused Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina).

'Clifford the Big Red Dog' trailer

Clifford is a dog that grows up depending on the love that it receives. When its owner, Emily, adopts it, Clifford became giant.

'Bel-Air' Teaser

New dramatized version of the iconic sit-com starred by Will Smith during the 90s.

'Euphoria' teaser

The series with Zendaya as a teen who is an adict premieres its second season. It will be available on HBO Max Spain on 9th January.

'Arcane' Season 2 Announcement

Netflix and Riot Games confirm new episodes for the 'League of Legends' animated series.

'South Park: Post Covid' Trailer

The first 'South Park' special for Paramount+ jumps 40 years in the future.

'La familia perfecta' trailer

Lucía (Belén Rueda) wants to have the perfect family, but everything goes wrong when her son introduces her to his girlfriend, who is the opposite of what she expected.

'Pam & Tommy' teaser

'Pam & Tommy' tells the story about the sex-tape recorded by Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and the drummer Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan).

Pablo Larraín: "Kristen has a very special type of mystery"

Interview with Pablo Larraín for his movie 'Spencer', with Kristen Stewart as Lady Di.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Final Trailer

Spider-Man faces the multiverse in Tom Holland's third film as Peter Parker.