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Trailer 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'

'American Horror Story: Double Feature' 's first trailer. This will be the tenth season of the show and will be split in two parts, with the first, 'Red Tide', being shown in this trailer.

Garrett Hedlund ('Modern Love'): "You see the beautiful imperfections of love throughout these episodes"

Interview: Garrett Hedlund on 'Modern Love' Season 2, PTSD and watching the show's first season holding hands with his "gal" during Covid.

John Carney ('Modern Love'): "Let's not give Covid more center stage"

John Carney on 'Modern Love' Season 2, how does the show handles the pandemic and that 'Game of Thrones' joke with Kit Harington.

Henry Golding ('Snake Eyes') Interview

'Snake Eyes' star Henry Goding on the film's action scenes, Asian representation in Hollywood and what was it like working with Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó.

Úrsula Corberó ('Snake Eyes') Interview

Úrsula Corberó ('Money Heist') on her experience filming 'Snake Eyes', her training and how Tokyo prepared her for The Baroness.

'Midnight Mass' Teaser Trailer

The arrival of a young priest in an isolated island brings miraculous experiences and frightening omens to the town.

'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf' Official Trailer

This is the story of Vesemir, a witcher-to-be who must face the demons from his past.

'Y: The Last Man' Trailer

The series based on the comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra shows a post-apocalyptic world where all men are dead except for one.

Trailer 'Cry Macho'

Firsr trailer of the film directed by Clint Eastwood who is also starring in it. The film makes Eastwood's return to western movies.

'Free Guy' Dude Featurette

Ryan Reynolds explains the secret behind his "incredible transformation" for Shawn Levy's film.

Galactic Starcruiser, the 'Star Wars' Hotel Spot

The resort will open its gates in Disney World, Orlando (Florida), in Spring 2022.

Teaser 'American Horror Story: Double Feature'

'American Horror Story: Double Feature' reveals its first teaser trailer. 'Double Feature' is the title of the tenth season of the horror series.

'The Suicide Squad': Juan Diego Botto Interview

Juan Diego Botto on playing a sexy villain, seducing Harley Quinn in his underwear and why it is good that the male gaze changes to female in this film.

'Money Heist' part 5 trailer

The end of Álex Pina series is close at Netflix next 3th september.

'Jungle Cruise' Interview: Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson & Jack Whitehall

'Jungle Cruise' stars on their experience working with Spanish director and actors on the film and what makes The Rock a good "skipper".

Kevin Smith explains the ending of 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation'

The showrunner of the Netflix show gives a few details of Part 2.

'Chucky' Trailer

The devilish doll is back with its own TV show at SYFY and USA Network.

'Dexter: New Blood' first trailer

This limited series continues with the story of serial killer Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall and will premiere on Showtime next November 7th with the first of its ten episodes.

'The Last Duel' Trailer

Official trailer of 'The Last Duel', directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer and Adam Driver. The film is based on a true story set in France in the 14th century.

'Ladies in Steel' Official Trailer

Official trailer with English subtitles of 'Ladies in Steel', directed by Pamela Tola, written by Tola and Aleksi Bardy. Starring Leena Uotila, Seela Sella and Saara Pakkasvirta.

'Here We Are' Official Trailer

Official trailer with English subtitles of 'Here We Are', directed by Nir Bergman, written by Dana Idisis. Starring Shai Avivi, Noam Imber, Smadi Wolfman and Amir Feldman.

'True Mothers' Official Trailer

Official trailer with English subtitles of 'True Mothers', directed by Naomi Kawase, written by Kawase and Izumi Takahashi. Starring Hiromi Nagasaku, Arata Iura and Aju Makita.

'Made in Italy' Official Trailer

Official trailer of 'Made in Italy', James D'Arcy's first film as director. Starring Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, Valeria Bilello, Lindsay Duncan and Gian Marco Tavani.

'Child's Play' Teaser

Chucky arrives on television to star in a series that will reunite almost every known face from the franchise.

'Pig' Trailer

Nicolas Cage is a lonely man who comes back to civilization when his pig gets kidnapped.