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'Noelle' English Trailer

Noelle must find his brother to making him accept the legacy of Santa Claus so they can save Christmas.

'Midnight Traveler' english subtitles trailer

Trailer of the acclaimed war documentary 'Midnight Traveler'.

'Sons of Denmark' english subtitles trailer

Trailer for the movie 'Sons of Denmark', which explores the rise of the extreme right.

'Werewolf' subtitled trailer

The Polish film set us in the summer of 1945, when the Second World War has just arrived to the desired end.

'First Love' english subtitles trailer

Preview of the complex Japanese film 'First Love', by director Takashi Miike.

'The Boys' Trailer Season 2

First sneak peek of what we could see in the second season of 'The Boys'.

'Get this right' - 'Frozen 2' outtake song

Outtake theme of the movie 'Frozen 2'. It is singed by Anna (Kristen Bell) y Kristoff (Jonathan Groff).

'Unmeltable Me' - 'Frozen 2' outtake song

Outtake theme of the movie 'Frozen 2'. It is singed by Olaf (Josh Gad).

'I seek the truth' - 'Frozen 2' outtake song

Outtake theme of the movie 'Frozen 2'. It is singed by Elsa and Anna.

'Home' - 'Frozen 2' outtake song

Outtaken theme of the Disney movie 'Frozen 2' singed by Kristen Bell.

'Fast & Furious: Spy Racers' Trailer

Trailer of the first season of 'Fast & Furious: Spy Racers', the TV show from Netflix of 'Fast & Furious' saga.

Henry Cavill says he does his own stunts scene in 'The Witcher'

The start of the new Netflix tv show speaks about his family, football and the mustache of 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

'Vikings' Sneak Peek of the Sixth Season - 'Lagertha's future'

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) reveals her plans for the future to Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig).

'Ride Your Wave' Trailer

Hinako starts a relationship with a young boy called Minato when she moves to a seaside town. But one day all her life will change because of a tragic event.

'Dolemite is my name' English trailer

Preview in original version of the new Netflix comedy starring Eddie Murphy.

'Mulán' (2020) trailer

The new adaptation of 'Mulan' is a much more adult version of the Disney classic.

'El padre de mis hijos' english subtitled trailer

Eva wants to be mother before her 40s. Now she just need to find the father of her children.

Interview with Tom Holland- He recalls he was drunk when he got the call to save Spider-Man

Tom Holland tells how he saved Spider-Man with a druken phone call with Bob Iger.

'The Last Right' Trailer

An Irishman is named next of kin to a stranger but agrees to deliver his body across the country as an opportunity to reconnect with his autistic little brother.

'No Time to Die' trailer

James Bond (Daniel Craig) must to leave his retirement to face a dangerous new foe (Rami Malek).

'Uncut Gems' english trailer

Adam Sandler starred this movie playing a New York City jeweler looking for the big score.

'Just Mercy' Official Trailer

Official trailer of 'Just Mercy', the new movie of Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson.

Elizabeth Banks: "I wanted to celebrate real women"

The director, producer and star of the 'Charlie's Angels' reboot discusses creative inspiration, her co-stars and why Michelle Obama would be the perfect Angel.

'Witches in the Woods' trailer

A group of teenagers get lost with their car on an icy mountain cut to traffic, until they realize that it has been cut by an evil possession that will end their lives.

Interview with Ian Somerhalder: "People don't want an ordinary hero. They want an extraordinary hero".

We sat down with the star of 'V-Wars', Ian Somerhalder, who chatted to us about everything from vampires to climate change in this exclusive interview.