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Trailer 'Blaze'

A reimagining of the life and times of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement.

'Aladdin' Trailer

Disney's 'Aladdin' live action remake takes us into the cave of wonders

'Palau the movie' Trailer

'Palau' tells the story of one of the most influential evangelism leaders ever.

'The Lullaby' Trailer

An overprotective new mother will have to fight against paranormal forces that threaten her and her son.

Trailer 'Juanita'

Fed up with her life, Juanita leaves her grown kids behind and hits the road in search of a fresh start.

'Five Feet Apart' Trailer

Stella's life, a girl with cysctic fibrosis, will change when she meets Will, a boy who, like her, also suffers a serious illness.

Joe Cornish: "This is a dream of mine to make 'The Kid Who Would Be King'"

The director of 'The kid who would be king' taks to eCartelera about his upcoming film and how it was working on it.

'Young Picasso' Trailer

This documentary explores the early years of Pablo Picasso and how the incontestable artist he is today was built.

'Terra Willy' Trailer

When is ship is destroyed, Willy ends up on a unknown planet without his parents, accompanied by a robot and an alien.

'Lords of Chaos' trailer

Documental de la banda Mayhem y sus integrantes, con un fatídico final.

'Manou' Trailer

After an accident, a small swift called Manou has to be raised by two seagulls. He will grow up feeling displaced, so he decides to run away to meet other swifts.

'School's Out' Spanish Trailer

A substitute teacher takes over a class of gifted children after the suicide of their previous teacher.

'Boi' Trailer

At his first journey as chofer, a group of asian businessmen will get him in troubles.

'The Ages of Lulu' Spanish Trailer

Spanish trailer of 'The Ages of Lulu', directed by Bigas Lunas. Based on the novel with the same title written by Almudena Grandes.

'Dumbo' Sneak Peek: "Prepare for Takeoff"

Sneak Peek from Tim Burton's movie that remakes 1941 Disney's classic.

'Eaten by lions' trailer

Omar and Pete are step-brothers whose fathers have been eaten by lions. They will try to find Omar's biological father.

'Ray & Liz' Trailer

Photographer Richard Billingham has directed the story of his life, returning to the flat outside Birmingham where he and his brother were raised.

'Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story' trailer

A documentary about the identity of the musician and television character Frank Sidebottom.

'Maiden' trailer

The documentary follows the story of Tracy Edwards and the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.

'Eighth Grade' Clip #2: "Different generations"

Kayla (Elsie Fisher) feels uncomfortable and out place around her "friends", who are older than her.

'Eighth Grade' Clip: "One more week"

Kayla (Elsie Fisher) and her dad Mark (Josh Hamilton) "talk" on this clip for 'Eighth Grade'

'Shazam!' Spot #2: "Power Thunder"

Shazam tests his newly given powers on this brand new spot for the film.

'Shazam!' Spot: "Serious"

'Shazam!' tells the story of Billy Batson, a 15 year old kid whose given the powers of Shazam, a hero on Superman's power level.

Gemma Chan ('Captain Marvel'): "Doing a casting for Marvel it's the most secretive process I've been"

Gemma Chan ('Captain Marvel') talks about the process of casting to a Marvel movie and what the future could hold for her character.