'Pirates of the Caribbean' would be impossible without Johnny Depp

Josh Jones Tuesday 30 May 2017

Jerry Bruckheimer, a film and television producer, and producer of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' saga, has stated that he does not conceive the idea of ??raising in the future the possibility of continuing the franchise of the pirates without the implication in it From his main star, Johnny Depp. The fifth film of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Salazar's Revenge', has already reached our charts. Despite receiving increasingly lukewarm reviews, the pirate franchise has so far been a financial insurance, and early projections suggest that this latest installment entails an improvement over its predecessor, 'On Stranger Tides'.


Of course, the success of the franchise continues to fall on the shoulders of, of course, Johnny Depp. Despite not being directed in any installment by Tim Burton or not sharing the screen Helena Bonham Carter, Depp has remained loyal to the films of the saga and has embraced with force the iconic status of Jack Sparrow. It is even known that, to end the hearts of all, the actor has made impromptu visits to schools and hospitals completely characterized as his character. However, although in recent years there have been scandals related to the actor's personal life, Depp and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' have remained firmly united.

From what the producer of the saga has said, it does not appear that this will change. Jerry Bruckheimer's words state that the franchise would not continue without Depp's involvement: "I just do not see it [working on 'Pirates' without Depp.] The secret of any successful franchise is the selection of talented people, and Johnny is absolutely the key to the success of the Pirates, is a unique character with a character as endearing as irreverent."

'Pirates also'

The producer also hinted through a somewhat weird comparison, that fans would not see a transition from the franchise to the small screen. He said the following: "-You have a kitchen in your house, right? And yet you go out to eat.If there is something that gets you out of the house to eat, that 'something' is good food.We have to do very, Very good movies so people stay away from their TVs. And that's exactly what we do."

Leaving the similes aside, the producer's comments drop like a pitcher of cold water to anyone who hopes in it, that there will never be any intention or possibility to spin-off or restart the saga with Some reboot starring the new and young faces that we will see in 'Salazar's Revenge', as are Brenton Thwaites in the role of Henry Turner and Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smyth. However, it is interesting to ponder whether Bruckheimer's feelings are shared by Disney, the studio behind the movies. After all, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is one of the most lucrative franchises of all time and Johnny Depp will not be able to wage these battles against new and evil pirates forever.

Peace for the fans?

The truth is that, as Bruckheimer states, the essence and soul of the battles of the pirate saga lies in Captain Jack Sparrow, a role that most probably no other actor can give life with such charisma and giving it such a definite character And iconic as Johnny Depp does. Therefore, surely for most of the fans of the films the words of the producer are a great relief.

Having said that, and given that the production of this last installment has been affected, among other things, by the delay that has been due to changes of script and by the scandals that have surrounded in recent years his star actor, that when Depp decides to end his adventures as a pirate, Disney also accepts that perhaps it is best to condemn the franchise to Davy Jones' locker. However, as we have already hinted, it may be that the collections that the saga has been harvesting for years will have more influence on the decision-making of the Mickey mouse company and in the future we will see a renewed Pirates of the Caribbean with fresh faces for the spectators. Meanwhile, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge' can already be seen in cinemas.

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