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Watch Dwayne Johnson take the leap of his life in the new 'Skyscraper' trailer

Daveena Kataria Thursday 24 May 2018

Universal have released a new trailer for Dwayne Johnson's latest action film, 'Skyscraper'. Rawson Marshall Thurber has directed the upcoming production that's set for UK release on 12th July.

Alongside The Rock will be Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell, Noah Taylor, Byron Mann and Kevin Rankin. The film's set to focus on veteran soldier, Will Sawyer (Johnson) and former head of the FBI hostage rescue team. Following an incident in the field, Sawyer chooses a job as supervisor of a new Skyscraper.

 an image from the film

In order to check out the building, Sawyer travels, alongside his family, to Hong Kong where they first see 'The Pearl', the tallest and safest skyscraper in the world. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when a fire rages through 'The Pearl' trapping Sawyer's wife and children. Seeing the danger posed to his family, Sawyer risks everything to save them, even if it means jumping off the end of a crane to get to them!

The action film is produced by Legendary with the help of executive producers Dany García, Wendy Jacobson, Eric Hedayat and Eric McLeod. Director, Thurber, has previously worked on 'Central Intelligence', 'We're the Millers' and 'Easy A'. 'Skyscraper' is distributed by Universal.

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