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'The Walking Dead' Fans Have a Zombie-Themed Wedding

Jadzia Samuel Tuesday 18 December 2018

Two diehard fans of 'The Walking Dead', decided to take their love for the show to the next step: marriage. Chris and Annabell Hayden decided to surprise their wedding guests with a very specific request; not only did they want a zombie-themed wedding, but it had to be entirely based around their favourite television show.

The Walking Dead

The bride, Annabell Hayden, was dressed up Carol Peletier, the character played by actress Melissa McBride, while her groom, Chris Hayden, played the role of Rey Ezekiel (Khary Payton): two characters who both married in the ninth season of the show. The guests, bridesmaids, and even couple themselves were splattered with blood, and the groom brandished Merle Dixon's famous knives (supposedly to ward off any unwanted wedding guests).

As with any good wedding, it was all in the details; all of the wedding guests were dressed as Walkers, and even the wedding cake was dressed to match. The cake was decorated with a warning sign, saying "Do not open, dead inside", along with the baseball bat and barbed wire, named Lucille, the weapon used by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Carol and Ezekiel's marriage took place in the first half of Season 9 of 'The Walking Dead', which streamed earlier this year. Fans will have to wait until February 2019 in order to see part 2.

Insatiable Fans

Some of the character couplings on 'The Walking Dead' have not been well received by fans. The so-called "Caryl" ship, the relationship between Carol and Daryl (Norman Reedus) was one of these unpopular pairings. Luckily for fans, the relationship came to an end when Carol and Ezekiel began their romance in the first half of Season 9.

Angela Kang, one of the scriptwriters, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the romance plots which are so controversial among fans, saying, "everybody wants relationships, but they're never happy with the ones we show or don't show".

"The most flack I get is about relationships that have or haven't happened on the show. Every single relationship is either loved or hated, even the ones that never happened," she added.

Let us hope the real life wedding between the two fans is more popular among their friends.

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