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Scary Movie

The saga 'Scary Movie' appears as a parody of the most popular terror films. With a comedy intention, the film makes a recreation of the biggest classical slasher as 'Scream'. There are two main actress: Anna Faris (starring Cindy Campbell) and Regina Hall, as Brenda Meeks. Ashley Tisdale in 'Scary Movie 5' is the new leading role at the movie as Jody Sanders. The first movie was the movie who gets more money, winning at the box office ($278,019,771 around the world).

'Scary Movie', the saga, is formed by the films: 'Scary Movie', with Keenen Ivory Wayans, 2000), Scary Movie 2' (Keenen Ivory Wayans, 2001), 'Scary Movie 3' ('David Zucker, 2003), 'Scary Movie 4' (David Zucker, 2006) and 'Scary Movie 5' (Malcolm D. Lee, 2013).

This saga makes 896 dollars at the box office around the world. Along the different movies, they makes different parodies about other films like: 'The Ring', 'Signs', 'The Grudge', 'The war of worlds', 'Saw', 'The Village', 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Brokeback Mountain'.

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