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'About Endlessness' original version subtitled trailer

Trailer in original version of the Swedish drama 'About endlessness'.

In 'About Endlessness', Roy Andersson is consecrated as a great director adapting the structure of the classic story of 'One thousand and one nights'. The film consists of a reflection on human life and its different stages. From the most inconsequential moments to historical moments of unqualified vital relevance, all these experiences overlap as parts of a whole. An ode to existence, its beauty and its cruelty, its splendor and its banality. Guided by the narrator Scheherazade-esque, the specter walks levitating through the different scenes that are juxtaposed: a couple floating over the devastated city of Cologne during the war, a father tying his daughter's shoelaces in the pouring rain as they head to a birthday party, teenagers dancing outside a cafe, a defeated army marching to a prisoner of war camp. In short, a complex kaleidoscope that delicately presents everything human, its vulnerable existence. During almost 80 minutes, the director exposes everything about us in a very beautiful way.



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