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Última hora Boris Johnson, ingresado en la UCI tras empeorar su estado por el coronavirus

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'All the Bright Places' trailer

'All the bright places' trailer, starring Elle Fanning & Justice Smith

Violet is a young woman who lives a normal life, without current concerns but with important events that have occurred throughout her life and that have changed her inside, making her a less confident girl. Theodore, for his part, spends every day at the place where a loved one of his suffered an accident and died, and he is unable to overcome that loss. In spite of everything, their paths intersect since, although they go to the same institute and share a class, they really hardly know each other, and that is why for a job, Theodore asks if they can go together, with the intention of knowing her something better. This encounter will change their lives forever. As they struggle to leave behind the scars of their past, they discover that even the smallest moments can be of crucial importance in their lives. Together they will start to have fun for the first time in a long time, they will make plans together and laugh, having to go through difficult times yet but learning to know the most complicated sides of the other person. They will become essential for each other, and together they can with anything.



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