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'El vestido de la novia' Trailer

The apparent Sara´s perfect wedding dress takes with it a curse which obligates she to contemplate terrifying spirits.

Sara has ever dreamed with an ideal wedding. Few days before her wedding, she has everything planned and she only need to buy her dreamed wedding dress. Her research seems like not giving results, but one day she finds a dress that gets her attention so quickly and she ends buying it. However, something strange occurs with this new acquisition. Sara starts to see strange visions, which transforms her life and it takes all the control this future bride´s life and even becomes into an amenace to her life. To escape of this terrifying spiral, the protagonist will have to end with the evil spell that the dress takes with it, a task that it won´t be easy, because all the last owners of the object has died because of the consequence of this evil curse.

This movie is directed by Roque Fabella and its starred in by the Mexican actress Cristina Rodio.



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