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'Fighting with My Family' subs trailer

Dwayne Johnson and Lena Headey are the parents of a family of wrestlers. Their children dream is to be able to compete in WWE.

'Fighting with My Family' is a sports comedy-drama based on the real story of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) professional wrestler Paige (birth name Saraya) and her family.

When Saraya and her brother, Zak, are younger and their parents Rick and Julia catch them wrestling, Rick books the children in for a wrestling match which Saraya goes on to win. As she grows older, Saraya and Zak begin to compete on a regular basis as well as helping their parents to train other aspiring wrestlers. As the family is burdened with financial struggles, Rick and Julia turn to Hutch Morgan, a famed WWE trainer, and ask him to sign the siblings who are competing under the names of Britani Knight and Zak Zodiac. After receiving advice from Dwayne Johnson, Saraya changes her stage name to Paige after the character from 'Charmed'.

A successful WWE tryout leads to the signing of Paige, who flies out to America to advance her career. Paige struggles to adapt to the specific WWE fighting style and also how fighting is segregated based on gender, with no intergender fighting and most of her female colleagues being undertrained for the job they're performing. Paige must learn to stand up for herself inside and outside of the ring, doing what she does best: fighting.



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