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'Fourteen' Trailer

Over the course of a decade, young Jo becomes increasingly dysfunctional. Her friend Mara, who develops her life in a normal way, contemplates this inexorable process.

Over the course of a decade, young Jo (played by actress Norma Kuhling) becomes more and more dysfunctional, although she does not know well whether due to a mental illness or drug abuse. Her friend Mara, played by Tallie Medel), who is in a much more stable and lucid emotional situation, develops her life while contemplating the inexorable process of Jo, whom she tries to help, although sometimes she has to get away so as not to be dragged too. A reflexive, emotional, complex and naturalistic work on friendship and reflection on the passage of time. A new human study of a unique filmmaker

Many frame their cinema in a daily realism halfway between Éric Rohmer and Maurice Pialat, as well as other American filmmakers such as Richard Linklater, who give great weight and importance to the word and the construction of characters. Like all Dan Sallitt films, its production is completely independent, with very low budgets that never exceed 100 thousand dollars.



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