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'Girls of the Sun' Trailer

'Les filles du Soleil is a dramatic movie tells that in Kurdistan, Bahar (Farahani) is commander of the Daughters of the Sun, a battalion composed exclusively of Kurdish female soldiers

Bahar is a lawyer who, in just one night, with other 7.000 women, is kidnapped by a group of extremists. The seven thousand of women were detained as sex slaves and after that they were trained in order to create an exclusive group of female soldiers. Some could scape; other were brought back. A few found the strength to fight. Bahar is the commander of the Daughters of the Sun, this special battalion, and she enlisted full of hope to find her son in some part of the way.

Mathilde is a French journalist who, fascinated by what she is seeing, covers the first three days of the offensive made by the Daughters of the Sun in the city where they were captured from. When the two women come together, all the experiences that Bahar kept hidden from the moment the men in black came into her life come to the surface in different conversations.

Les filles du soleil (Girls of the Sun)' is written and directed by Eva Husson (?Bang Gang (une histoire d'amour moderne)?) and starred by Golshifteh Farahani (?La nuit a dévoré le monde?, ?Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?), Emmanuelle Bercot (?L'heure de la sortie?, ?Fête de famille?), Zübeyde Bulut (?Masks?, ?Atlas?) and Erol Afsin (?My Brother, My Love?, ?Homeland?), among others.



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