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'Haunt' trailer

A haunted house turns into a death trap during the Halloween night.

A group of friends enter a haunted house during the night of Halloween. It all seems like a fun fair at the start, but soon they will discover that their worst nightmares can be real. A group of murderers dressed as Halloween characters host the place and not only have set traps in the haunted house; they also intent to make the protagonists suffer as much as possible.

This movie has been written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, scriptwriters of 'A Quiet Place'. 'Haunted' is the first movie they write and direct since 2015 'Nightlight'.

Although 'Haunt' and 'A Quiet Place' are from the same creators, 'Haunt' is a counterpoint, as it moves away from the "elevated" tone of horror and proposes the return to the basic elements of slasher from John Carpenter and Tope Hooper. The film promises to take us through a torrent of terror of the kind that persecutes you when you return home.



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