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'Héroes de barrio' Spanish Trailer

Spanish original theatrical trailer of 'Héroes de barrio', directed and co-written by Ángeles Reiné. Starring Antonio Pagudo, Luna Fulgencio, Antonio Dechent and Lisi Linder.

Second feature film directed by Ángeles Reiné, who made her debut with 'Salir del ropero', which became the last film starring Rosa María Sardá. Presented at the 25th edition of the Malaga Festival, a family comedy produced by the producers of 'El mejor verano de mi vida'.

Paula (Luna Fulgencio) is nine years old and dreams of becoming a soccer player. When the team she plays for goes through financial difficulties, her father, Luis (Antonio Pagudo), promises to talk to her good friend, the Betis footballer Joaquín (played by himself), so that he can sponsor the equipment. There is only one small problem: Luis doesn't really know Joaquín, he has made him up to win the sympathy of the neighborhood. Now that Paula's dream is at stake, she will have to do the impossible not to disappoint her daughter. A production that follows in the footsteps of 'El mejor verano de mi vida' by narrating an incredible story between parents and children and how adults are not capable of measuring the consequences of certain actions of theirs in order to ingratiate themselves with their children and with the neighbors.



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