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'How to Be a French Lover' Trailer

In the film we find a retired gigolo named Alex, who has been married with Denise for 25 years, a rich woman who belongs to the French upper social class.

Alex was a gigolo who won all the high society? women over until he stayed beside one millionaire woman and his life got filled by all kinds of luxuries. He became a happy man who didn?t have to work a single day in his life. One day, Denise tells Alex that their romance is over due to she has changed him for another man, who is so much younger than him.

Alex sees himself without a house and without a job, so he decides to get back to his previous job. The problem is his age. He is in his fifties. His old boss rejects him at first sight and tells him to visit his family. Alex accepts the idea and visits his single sister and his nephew, who hasn?t known. She finally takes him in.

One day, while he goes with his nephew to his school, Alex realizes that he has a crush on one of his schoolmates and she has a grandmother with more money than Alex?s previous lover. In order to help him win the schoolmate?s heart, Alex will try to win the grandmother over first and he will teach his nephew all the trick he has learnt from his profession.

'How to be a French lover' is a comedy directed by Olivier Baroux ('Among Friends?, ?Les Chamois?) and starred by Kad Merad ('22 bullets?, ?The choir boys?), Anne Charrier (?Maman a tort?, ?Persona non grata?), Léopold Moati (?Examen de conscience?) and Pascal Elbé ('Les Bracelets Rouges'), among others.



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