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"Human Lost" Trailer

Trailer for the anime movie "Human Lost" released in 2019

A revolution in medicine has conquered death. Nanomachines and the "S.H.E.L.L" system make human beings unable to suffer diseases, doesn't needing treatment for injuries either, and they have a guaranteed 120 year lifespan without illnesses. But this social system creates a great economic difference, ethic decays because people can't die, generates grave pollution, and the "Human Lost" phenomenon, in which people disconnected from de S.H.E.L.L system become malformed. Japan sees two posible futures: The civilization restoration or its destruction.

Yauzou Oba, who lives doing nothing but drugs, joins Masao Horiki, a mysterious man who associates with gangs on a incursion where rich people live that ends in a violent struggle, when they encounter malformed people that suffers from the Human Lost phenomenon . Youzou's life is saved by Yoshijo Hiiragi, a girl with mysterious abilities that belongs to a anti-lost agency, "H.I.L.A.M.". He will eventually discover that he has extraordinary powers too.



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