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Última hora El nuevo estudio de seroprevalencia revela que el 5,2% de los españoles han pasado el coronavirus

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'Les Miserables' (2019) trailer OV

First preview from the police drama about the convulse 90's France that won in Cannes 2019.

Parisian director Ladj Ly adapts his own 2017 short film in a long feature one with the same title and main cast. The story focuses on Stéphane, the new incorporation to the Anti-Crime Brigade in one of the most conflictive neighborhoods located east of Paris, Montferneuil. The new agent will start a friendship with his more experienced teammates Chris and Gwada, with whom he will discover the tension between the different bands for taking control of the neighborhood. A place completely away from the characteristic luxuries and elegance of the French capital, that will put in constant tension to the agents who, on many occasions, will have to exercise unconventional methods so that the crime exercised by the inhabitants of Montferneuil does not exceed them. Along with the pressure that a drone records all its movements and actions in the operations, one day they will have to face an arrest that will overcome them, unleashing an inevitable chain reaction that will do nothing but raise the tension that already existed in the neighborhood, until converging in mass protests and demonstrations.



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