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'Llenos de Gracia' Original Trailer

Original Spanish trailer of 'Llenos de Gracia', directed by Roberto Bueso, written by Bueso and Óscar Díaz. Starring Carmen Machi. Based on real events.

Second feature film by Spanish director Roberto Bueso, who directed 'La banda' in 2019. Based on real events, narrating how, in his childhood, soccer player Valdo Lopes Rocha was instrumental in the help of sister Marina, a nun who cared for both him and other kids who studied at a school that was also a boarding school and that, during the summer, was in charge of those minors who did not have parents or who could not take care of them.

Sister Marina (Carmen Machi) arrives at El Parral, a school that welcomes children with problems, to be the teacher for the summer season, in which minors who lack legal guardians or who cannot become legal guardians stay in the center. responsible for them during the summer months. What seemed like a tedious job ends up becoming a vital experience for both the children and the nun. Faced with the danger that El Parral will become a luxury private school designed for the elite, Sister Marina, with the help of sisters Angelines (Paula Usero) and Tatiana (Anis Doroftei), will propose to the Chief Nun that the kids form a soccer team with which to reach the regional finals and thus show that it is necessary for the center to continue welcoming minors. A mission that will be one of the most important experiences in the lives of children.



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