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'No Filter' trailer

The accident that makes Frederic blind will lead her wife Beatrice to write a book that will change their lifes.

After a fateful accident, Frederic suffers the loss of his sight, an event which severely affects his relationship with his wife and friends. For a start, after the incident, he can no longer hold back himself from saying everything that he truly thinks about people. On top of this sudden inclination towards brutal honesty, Frederic has become an unpredictable person who is obsessed with food and living without any filters. His wife Beatrice still enjoys his fun personality and his easy seductive charm, and she decides to write a book about the experiences she has shared with her husband and the people around them. However, when the book is published, all of Beatrice's friends and family start to recognize each other in the story and, although it is merely based on true events, it ends up causing a real stir among them that could make or break their relationships by showing what they all really think of each other.

Eric Lavaine directs and co-writes this movie. The french filmmaker uses again his humorous take after another movies like 'You Choose!' and 'Back to Mom's'. The script is also signed by Bruno Lavaine and Barbara Halary-Lafond.



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