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Confirmado: El videojuego de Shin-Chan llegará a España

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Daniela, Mia and Natascha are three friends who meet themshelves in a very strange moment in their life.

Before everything happened, Daniela, Mia and Natascha are three friends who find themselves in a strange moment in their lives. Daniela currently lives in Vienna, although she previously lived in New York. To delay the move as long as possible, he decides to visit Mia in Berlin. For her part, Mia is writing her master's thesis about death in the theater. However, neither Daniela nor Mia can rest at night, so they decide to meet Schöneberg and the three of them go for a walk while exchanging confidences. They walk through Favoriten, go to a party, and their conversations continue to follow each other: insomnia, death, Austrian poetry, Empress Sissi, the Charleston. Soon Mia and Natascha leave and Daniela is once again confronted with her daily life, with Vienna and what to do next. The film is directed by Ted Fendt and Daniela Zahlner and Mia Sellmann co-write the script with him.



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