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'Plus One' Trailer

Two college friends agree to be each other's plus one at ten weddings in a single summer.

'Plus One' is a romantic comedy that zeroes in on that stage in your life when all of your friends seem to be making commitments and getting married ... except you.

Ben (Jack Quaid, 'The Boys', 'Logan Lucky') is a twenty-something who is serving as best man at his best friend's wedding. He practices his speech in front of his friend from college, Alice (Maya Erskine, 'PEN15', 'Wine Country'), who encourages him to make people laugh, whilst he wants to go for something more heartfelt. During this wedding season, Ben is embarrassed to find out the girl he's been pining after is engaged and Alice is feeling down since her last break-up. The two friends decide that the best way to deal with the upcoming onslaught of wedding gifts and church services is to promise to always be the other's plus one. At first it seems the perfect plan: the two friends can drink together, party together, support each other and serve as each other's wingman in search of 'the one', but the line between them is always blurred. Ben and Alice constantly assure the wedding party that although they're each other's plus one, they're just friends - but is something more between them?

'Plus One' is written and directed by Jeff Chan ('Adam Ruins Everything') and Andrew Rhymer ('Hotel Reject').



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