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'Queen of hearts' trailer with english subtitles

First preview from this familiar romantic drama after winning in the 2019 Sundance Festival.

Annie has a seemingly perfect life. Thanks to her renowned career as a lawyer and the equally successful work of her husband Peter as a physicist, this marriage can afford to live in a modern country house, surrounded by luxuries. Although they already have two daughters, this couple played by Trine Dyrholm and Magnus Krepper decide to welcome the son that the latter had in a previous relationship. Gustav's arrival will completely disrupt Annie's harmony by awakening in her feelings that, at first, seem liberating. The woman decides to immerse herself in a secret relationship with her young and passionate stepson. However, betrayal and jealousy will soon come into play since they live with their father and husband. The delicate situation will force Annie to have to make drastic decisions that will have very impactful consequences both in her life and in that of the boy and the rest of the family.



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