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'Salma's Big Wish' Trailer

Salma wil discover a secret that will change her life and other people who are in it.

Every year, in the village of Santa Clara, they decorate the small town and organize big festivities to celebrate Día de los Muertos. In that day, the spirits come back to see their families and spend the day with them, except for Salma. Salma, an 16 year old orphan, is girl who has searched her parents all her life, but the only place that she hasn?t explored is the underworld. That?s why this young lady opens a portal to go there with her friends. However, they split there and they find quaint creatures with uncertain intentions. On one hand, Salma comes across with a man who could tell her how to bring her parents back with her forever. Her friends, on the other hand, will have to find the way back to her. The three friends will unchain the chaos in the underworld. The souls, some of them are very dangerous, has escaped from that place. The three characters will have to fix it before it is too late.



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