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Frederick Sálomon is an expert war photojournalist who took the most famous image in history and now returns to the country where he took it.

In a war in the Middle East, Frederick Salomon captures the exact moment a school is bombed and a girl is thrown into the air. That image became the most famous photograph in the history of war photojournalism and made the author a living legend. Twenty years later, the photographer returns to the country where he took the image to collect an award. What he doesn't know is that a local journalist is waiting for him there, trying to kill him for reasons that Salomon still doesn't know. What he doesn't know is that this woman is the girl in the photograph, and now she's out for revenge. The new film by David Martín Porras (also directed 'The Innocent') features Óscar Jaenada, Fernando Tejero ('Aquí no hay quién viva'), Ella Kweku, Lidia Nene in its cast. 'The skin on fire' takes place entirely in one place, a hotel where four people meet who must put aside their differences to deal with traumas hidden in their past.



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