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Subtitled trailer 'Devil between de Legs'

Subtitled trailer of 2019's movie 'Devil between the Legs' directed by Arturo Ripstein.

Beatriz (Silvia Paquel) and her husband (Alejandro Suárez) have lived in a toxic marriage for many years. His communication within the relationship is based on psychological and physical mistreatment, especially of him towards her, humiliating and insulting her on a regular basis.

Beatriz develops a dependency that prevents her from leaving that situation and begins to see the positive side, which includes feeling desired after this type of discussion.

The husband has a lover, but even so, his greatest fear is that his wife cheats on him and jealousy is his downfall. All this explodes when one day Beatriz decides to join tango classes, an act that will not make her husband too happy.

This 2019 work directed by Arturo Ripstein and scripted by Paz Alicia Garcíadiego was premiered with great success at film festivals such as TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) or Malaga, where it has been nominated for a Golden Biznaga.



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