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Última hora Boris Johnson, ingresado en la UCI tras empeorar su estado por el coronavirus

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Subtitled trailer 'Manta Ray'

Trailer subtitled in English of the Thai 2018 movie 'Manta Ray'

Thai director Phuttiphong Aroonpheng brings from the country that saw him being born his first feature film, based on a latent reality in his home community.

This film tells the story of Nobi (Wanlop Rungkumjad), a fisherman whose job is to catch giant rays, for this trade he needs the help of special stones that he collects from the nearest forests.

But this is not his only routine, every night he walks through these forests and there he is accustomed to finding bodies of men who do not finish determining too much how they ended up there. Either way, he is also accustomed to bury them, until one day he finds the "mute", the first body that is not yet dead, but is very badly injured.

The development of the relationship between the protagonist and his new protégé, played by Aphisit Hama, and whose name, will be the fundamental pillar of this story.



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