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Subtitled Trailer 'Our Mothers'

Trailer for the guatemaltec movie 'Our Morhers' directed by Cesar Diaz

The movie is set in Guatemala in 2018. After the civil war, the whole country is waiting for the trial that will be carried against the ones who started the war while the statements of the victims arrive continually. Ernesto, a young anthropologist, works identifying the bodies of those who died during the conflict. One day he listened to an old woman telling a story, and he realized that he may have discovered a clue about his father, who also died in the war.

Although his mother doesn't approve and doesn't wanna help him in the search of his father's body, he will try to search the truth about his father endlessly.

This movie is directed by Cesar Diaz and stars Emma Dib and Armando Espitia. The film was presented at Cannes Festival, where it won the Caméra d'Or award (Best Opera presented at the festival) and Author Society Award (SACD Award).

It was also selected for the San Sebastián International Film Festival, where it won the Spanish Cooperation Award for his great contribution to human development.



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