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'Te quiero, imbécil' trailer

First preview of the new Spanish comedy starring Quim Gutiérrez and Natalia Tena.

This romantic comedy presents the new roles of man and woman in the 21st century through the situation of Marcos, a man who was going to ask his girlfriend for marriage, but just before she left him. In addition to the love drama, Marcos is fired from his job and has to return to live at his parents' house. Given this sinking, Marcos intends to move forward and rethink the type of man he is, for which he goes to the Internet in search of answers about what a 21st century man is like: a man who shaves, who is interested in aspects such as fashion, who takes care of his image... In the middle of the process, Marcos meets an old friend of the school of which he had not known anything for 20 years. From this casual reunion, and with his ex still in mind, it will derive an update from which you can expect anything.



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