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'The Biggest Little Farm' Trailer

A documentary about married couple John and Molly Chester as they try to develop an ecological farm.

'The Biggest Little Farm' follows John and Molly Chester story into their transition from an urban life in Los Angeles to the opener of a sostenible farm in Moonpark, California. The both decide to left their city life obligated by the separation anxiety that suffered their rescue dog, Todd, which means the incapacity of the animal to bear its life in Los Angeles.

Therefore, this documentary follows the marriage along their eight years work at their ecological farm. John´s last job as camera allows an audiovisual journey by John and Molly´s experience over the years, from their efforts to contact with volunteers and advisors, passing by the register of the natural landscapes of California. All is combined with hand-written animation and with an inspirational registration of the relation between the man and the nature.

'The Biggest Little Farm' is a documentary-film directed by John Chester and written by Chester and the screenwriter and producer Mark Monroe.



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