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'The Courier' Trailer

A courier and an ordinary citizen must survive an hour trapped in a carpark with a group of criminals sent to kill them.

A female courier known only by the title of The Courier (Olga Kurylenko, 'Quantum of Solace', 'Oblivion') is given the covert mission of delivering a suspicious package to a location under heavy guard. This task is thrown off track, however, when The Courier realises that the package is actually a highly dangerous cyanide bond that was sent with the intention of assassinating Nick Murch (Amit Shah, 'The Witcher', 'His Dark Materials'), a witness preparing to testify in court against the powerful crime lord Ezekiel Mannings (Gary Oldman, 'El instante más oscuro', 'El topo'). The Courier manages to escape with Nick and the two plan to flee from Ezekiel. However, before they can get far, they become trapped in an underground car park with a gang of armed criminals who have been sent by Mannings to kill them both before they can escape. The criminals have one hour to finish the job before the police force arrives to rescue The Courier and the witness. The Courier must use her survivalist skills and intelligence to keep herself and Nick alive before they end up the latest victims on Ezekiel Manning's hit list.



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