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Última hora Boris Johnson, ingresado en la UCI tras empeorar su estado por el coronavirus

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'The Last Thing He Wanted' Trailer

Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Joan Didion, takes place in the ambiguous era of the Iran-Contra scandal.

The plot of 'The Last Thing He Wanted' is based on an novel named the same way written in 1996 by Joan Didion. The film tells the story of a journalist, Elena McMahon, a journalist who ends up being involved in a dangerous drug issue. Elena McMahon, the character portrayed by Anne Hathaway, quits her stifling job as a reporter for the Washington Post and turns her back on her luxurious life in California to get closer to her father's figure. Her dad is someone whom McMahon has always rejected but now his journalistic intuition tells her that her father hides something very dark behind him. When she least expects it, in this approach he will confess that he is a arms dealer for the United States government and sells them for American soldiers to move to some point in Central America. Without hardly realizing it, she will end up replacing him as a arms dealer and will have to face the pressures he has suffered throughout his life by the men who have manipulated it at will. In this moral, hypnotic and provocative thriller Elena will face the consequences of her father's mistakes.

The movie is directed by Dee Rees, the first black woman nominated in Oscars for her movie 'Mudbound'. In the cast we have Anne Hathaway, Willem Dafoe and Ben Affleck.



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