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'The Room' teaser

Teaser of the mysterious and terrifying French drama 'The Room' (2019).

Kate and Matt are a young couple who have gone through a real trauma after unsuccessfully trying to have a baby, because Kate suffered two unforeseen, natural miscarriages. Therefore, in search of a healthier and more authentic way of life, they move from the big city to an old house in the middle of the field in Maryland, where they later discover that the previous family died. During the move-in and conditioning of the mansion, they discover a series of highly regarded Van Gogh paintings inside a secret room that hides a coveted secret: it has the power to materialize and create everything they desire. The only condition is that everything created in that room cannot leave the house or it will be destroyed. The two thirties take advantage of it creating all kinds of material goods, until Kate decides to obtain by these supernatural powers, offered by her new home, what nature was denying her and that she will now obtain, but not as she expected: a son. The peculiarities of the mansion will put in check the long-awaited desire of Kate and Matt, who will have to risk everything in order to become the family they had been waiting for so long. The tension with which they will have to live will become a constant within their routines.



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