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Trailer '#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories'

Trailer for the documentary '#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories' based on the diary that the protagonist wrote during her hiding in World War II.

'#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories' addresses one of the most shocking stories of the victims of the holocaust through five other surviving protagonists who tell their experience in those horrible times.

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren drives this documentary in english through the pages of the Anna Frank diary, one of the reference writings that has been used since its publication by Otto Frank, father of the protagonist and sole survivor of the family. .

This diary serves as a connecting thread for the story directed by Sabina Fedeli and Ana Migotto, who will also have the presence of a current teenager, who through said diary and assistance to the Amsterdam house where the Frank family hid for more than two years, will try to understand the victim's situation and comunicate with her as she was her friend.

The film, of Italian origin, also has the collaboration of other European countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany or France.



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