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Trailer 'Pizefighter'

'Prizefighter' is a biographical film set in the origins of boxing and tells the story of Jem Belcher.

'Prizefighter' is a biographical film set in the origins of boxing and tells the story of Jem Belcher (Matt Hookings), a young man from early 19th-century Georgian England who belongs to a boxing dynasty despite his apparent shy nature in public. His grandfather (Russell Crowe), a ex-boxer, tries to train him in the world of fists to turn him into a professional so that he can climb the social ladder. However, his mother does not agree with the plans that he has prepared for her son: to become the champion of England. With only 19-years, Jem Belcher is going to become the youngest champion of history. Directed by Australian director Daniel Graham ('Opus Zero'), he acknowledges having been attracted to the figure of Belcher. Through a portrait he was able to identify a series of traits worthy of taking to the screen, a self-destructive and at the same time brilliant personality that it make him don´t be able to face the famous and the sudden success. Graham wanted to combe the Belcher's drama with story advance. The film played by Russel Crowe ('Gladiator', 'Unhinged' ), Matt Hookings, who who has previously collaborated with the director in 'The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica', also he is a producer of 'Pizefighter'; Ray Winstone ('Sexy Beast'); Marton Csokas ('Aeon Flux').



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