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Trailer 'The Great Hack'

Netflix documentary trailer about the Cambridge Analytics scandal in 2018.

Directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim bring to Netflix a documentary feature film about the Cambridge Analytics case that came to light in 2018.

The private company of Cambridge Analytics sold millions of data to US and British political campaigns about social network users such as Facebook, a company that was also involved and accused, to know their tastes, preferences and political inclinations.

With the collaboration of people directly involved as the director of business development in the company (Brittany Kaiser) we can learn more about what was the real reason why the company began to conduct this type of business and, above all, of what kind of data are we talking about if there's too much personal content.

Some of The New York Times or The Guardian reporters who uncovered the case will also give their own point of view and explain the process of discovering a case like this.



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