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Trailer 'Vivarium'

Trailer in English of Lorcan Finnegan's new science fiction thriller 'Vivarium'.

'Vivarium' tells the story of an urbanization created for young couples who want to start a life together. The ideal space for new families, as sold in large advertisements on the street. This is the case of Tom and Gemma, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots respectively, who come to visit one of them.

Despite appearing ideal, they finally end up telling the real estate agent that they are not interested in living there, but that does not end their adventure. When trying to leave the neighborhood they will soon realize that they are in a maze that has no way out, or not in an apparent way.

At one point they will have to accept it and settle in one of those houses while they think of a way out of there. During this time, they will also have to learn to live with each other and even raise a child that is not theirs.



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