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Última hora El rey Juan Carlos está en Abu Dabi: ha sido fotografiado bajando del avión

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'Werewolf' subtitled trailer

The Polish film set us in the summer of 1945, when the Second World War has just arrived to the desired end.

A group of some children, who had been released from one of the concentration camp, specifically the concentration camp Gross Rosen, are without course and extremely hungry, when they find a abandoned mansion set in the middle of the forest. After the inevitable hell that supposed to them the war and the terrible Holocaust, they hope that they can go back to normality there, but what they can not imagine is that the real horror is about to start. In the forest around the abandoned mansion are some wolf dogs that lie in wait for them and that had been trained by SS officials, so their goal is killing the concentration camp prisioners. It is a film where the concept of civilization is found inside a dynamic where the survival predominates and where the hunger and the thirst are the main links that his director shows. The film is written and directed by the Polish director Adrian Panek ('Daas', 'My poor head').



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