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Última hora Dani Rovira ha superado su cáncer: “Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida”

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'Women make film' trailer

Documentary of more than fourteen hours of film that makes a fantastic cinema history analysis among the lens of some of the best director women of the world.

It is not a chronology of the cinema directed by women, it is a unique masterclass about how to make cinema, where all the professors are women and where the goal is to use their films for compose a lesson that is divided in forty sections: from how introduce a character to aspects related with the tone, and always, all of this based on the power of the staging.

So, in the documentary, the scenes are analyzed as examples of how to create emotion, empathy and interest on the screen.

To sum up, it could be defined as a celebration of cinema from people who were invisible in the history books.

Mark Cousins' documentary appears narrated by voices so known as Tilda Swinton, Thandie Newton or Jane Fonda, who guide us in a road trip among thirteen decades, five continents, almost two hundred women director and more than seven hundred movies.



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