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'Zombi Child' trailer

English trailer for 'Zombi Child', a French film directed by Bertrand Bonello.

'Zombi Child' is set in Haiti in 1962. A man is revived for the sole purpose of working on the sugar cane plantations. Fifty-five years later, a Haitian teenager tells his friends the secret of his family, unaware of the consequences this would have on his life.

The film is directed and written by Bertrand Bonello ('Nocturama', 'De la guerre', 'Casa de tolerancia'). The cast includes Louise Labeque ('La clase de piano', 'Niñero por accidente', 'Reencotres de cine'), Wislanda Louimat ('Reencontres de cinema'), Katiana Milfort ('Port-au-Prince, dimanche 4 janvier'), Mackenson Bijou ('Ouvertures', 'Reencontres de cinema'), Adilé David, Ninon François, Mathilde Riu, Ginite Popote, Néhémy Pierre-Dahomey, Sayyid El Alami ('Mesías', 'Basses', 'Ghost Mode'), Saadia Bentaïeb ('120 pulsaciones por minuto', 'Basada en hechos reales', 'Ghost Tropic'), Patrick Boucheron ('Dates that made history', 'La grande librairie', Livres Vous'), Justine Bo ('Yasin', 'Reve Party', Yainis'), Raphaël Quenard ('Fatale Orientale', 'Gagarine', 'A linteriur'), Benjamin Crotty ('Liberdade', 'Visionary Iraq', 'Fort Buchaman'), Celementine Duzer ('Horse Being', 'Le marais', 'Pieds poing')



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